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Trader Sim

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Trader Sim

Trader Sim is a simulator app that serves an educational purpose by providing tutorials for the CSU Fullerton's students via a mobile device. Students can view simulated market data and charts in real-time and place simulated trades with a few taps for Stocks, ETF’s, and Options. Stay connected to the markets so you can get access to actionable information and make simulated trading decisions anywhere, anytime.

Trader Sim for iPhone:

- Simulated Trading of Equities, ETFs, Options on the go
- Streaming Level 1 quotes
- News and Charts
- Option Chains and Multi-leg Orders
- Simulated Orders, Positions, and Balances
- Multiple Color Schemes

We love your feedback and are looking for comments and suggestions on how we can improve Trader Sim Mobile to deliver the best experience
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