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TrackMan Go

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TrackMan Go

Unleash potential with the latest application from TrackMan.

TrackMan is the choice of the world’s top 1000+ tour players, thousands of successful coaches, innumerable club fitters and every equipment manufacturer in the industry. Every shot captured is instantly available for analysis with dozens of data points mapping the DNA of any player’s swing, coupled with video and graphics.

The TrackMan Go app allows you to control the TrackMan unit directly from your iPad. Fast, easy target selection and data tagging make the app extremely easy to use. Perfect for your work on the go.


The app (when connected to a TrackMan unit), enables you to capture and analyze data on both full swings and putting strokes, paving the way for smarter practice and analysis. Essential information includes actionable data on Club, Launch, Ball Flight, Landing, and all necessary parameters for Putting performance.


While our products are technologically advanced, the interfaces to operate them are incredibly straightforward. Setting up the radar and connecting it to the app takes less than a minute. The app is designed to be used by golfers of all levels.


Get down to action in your language of choice and work more efficiently. We’ve made the app available in the following languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish.


Validate your putting feel and practice anywhere with actionable data on club delivery, ball launch, speed control and green reading.

Developed on TrackMan’s patented Optically Enhanced Radar Tracking technology (OERT), Performance Putting is setting the new standards of how we practice, analyze and understand this critical part of the game. With new, ground-breaking data parameters at hand, the next generation of putting intelligence will help both players and coaches unleash their full potential by focusing on all aspects of putting and move away from repetitive practice in static environments. A series of insightful data points provide you with accurate information on the club, ball and the green, together with the power of video analysis feedback.

Only TrackMan technology gives you the complete set of critical putting parameters that truly impacts your performance, and only TrackMan can operate on any type of green, without markers or sensors on the club.


Please note: You need to connect to a wireless TrackMan unit to use this app. For full swing data, you can use the Trackman 3e and TrackMan 4. For putting data, a TrackMan 4 is required. Finally, some features in the app require a software subscription.
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