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Track is your rail travel companion, providing you with real time travel information on trains in the UK. Say goodbye to complicated train tracking and say hello to train tracking that gives you the information relevant to you.

Simply book your trains as normal and then enter details about each of your journeys into Track. From that point onwards Track will keep an eye on all of your trains, let you know if you can make your connections, show you when you are delayed and give you help and advice when a train is cancelled.


- Connection information: We'll keep an eye out on your multiple leg journey and let you know how your chances of making your connection are looking.
- Live train information: How long until your train arrives, whether or not it's approaching the station right now or even a countdown on how many minutes you have until the doors close and it leaves without you!
- Colour coded statuses for your trains. See with a glance whether or not your train is running on time.
- Simple train adding UI: Tell us where you're going using our simple UI and we'll do the rest.
- Missed trains: Missed a train? Don't worry, we'll detect that too and offer you help on advice on what to do to reach your destination as soon as possible.

Please note that this app does not support London underground services, only UK mainline services.
Matt Cheetham