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Track & Plan

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Track & Plan

Track & Plan helps you achieve what you want to achieve.

Set goals. Track progress. Plan for success.

Track & Plan prompts you with a daily progress check- on your iPhone or your Apple Watch - and shows you a graphic analysis of how you are doing.


- Track up to six goals and change them on the fly
- Get prompted to check-in on how you are doing in Notifications on your iPhone or your Apple Watch each day at a time of your choosing
- Review each goal achievement in a single graphic view
- Compare your goal achievements against each other
- Plan events that will support your goals
- Add notes, photos and location to each event
- Overview your progress by period, event group and event type
- Use Spotlight™ to go straight where you want in the app
- See what was going on that helped you achieve your goals

Track & Plan. Motivation. Achievement. Success. It’s in your pocket.
Intelligent Maintenance LLC