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Track My Calories

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Track My Calories

“Track My Calories” will help your Apple Watch counting how many calories did you burn.

Track your calories, save results to your history of Activities and then view detailed summary per minute! App can count your calories during the next activities:
• Climbing;
• Core Training;
• Crossfit;
• Cycling;
• Elliptical;
• Gymnastics;
• High Intensity Interval Training;
• Hiking;
• Jump Rope;
• Pilates;
• Preparation/Recovery;
• Running;
• Stair Climbing;
• Stairs;
• Step Training;
• Traditional Training;
• Walking;
• Yoga;
• Other.

You can view the overall summary from all "Track My" series apps you have installed on your iPhone. Find out total steps, distance and calories recorded during the all your Activities. Also you can view the summary per each app separately.

View the list of all existing “Track My“ series apps. Easily navigate between them or install them directly from the App Store. Also you will few great suggestions how to improve your fitness experience.

Contribute all workout results into the Health app and activity rings on your Apple Watch.

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Vladislav Kovalyov