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Track and Field Toolkit

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Track and Field Toolkit

The Track and Field Toolkit is designed for the Track, Cross Country and Road Race enthusiast!

The Track and Field Toolkit includes dozens of tools allowing coaches, parents, and spectators to:
• Time Meets - timing and tracking splits across multiple athletes and multiple events
• Time Workouts - recording individual performances across repeats, ladders and distance runs
• Photo Finish - don’t rely on the naked eye or multiple stop watches; let Photo Finish capture the moment and time for you.
• Cross Country Scoring - calculate teams’ scores in real time
• Performance Comparison - calculate an equivalent performance between one distance and another
• Throwing Events - easily record Shot, Discus, Javelin, Hammer and Weight Performances
• Horizontal Jumps - easily record Long and Triple Jump Performances
• Vertical Jumps - easily record High Jump and Pole Vault Performances
• Records - a handy guide to World, American, Olympic, Collegiate, Junior and High School Records
• Athlete Database - enter an athlete once (with optional photo) and use throughout the App

Everything can be shared quickly and easily with parents, spectators, athletes or meet directors with just a couple of taps. Results can be E-Mailed; Messaged; Exported to Spreadsheets and Databases; and Posted to Twitter and Facebook. Results are easily stored and/or retrieved for later review or reference.

Gone are the days of paper, pencil and multiple stopwatches. With Track and Field Toolkit, you can record the all important athletic metrics and still enjoy the meet

The Track and Field Toolkit is designed to operate without an active Internet connection making it convenient for Road Races, Cross Country Meets, or Tracks without WIFI. Share your recorded results when you can connect again.

Optionally, if you have an Apple Watch, timers can be started and stopped remotely on the Track and Field Toolkit.

The Track and Field Toolkit is ideal for anyone interested in Track and Field, Road Racing, Race Walking and/or Cross Country.