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TraceLog:Tracing Time & Travel

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TraceLog:Tracing Time & Travel

A full-featured application traces and logs actual location, travel data and work time for your projects.

• Trace your whereabouts and allocate work and travel to your projects
• Choose between time or distance for trace intervals
• Define projects and default addresses
• Display travel path, duration and speed in table format and on a map
• Add notes to table entries
• Calendar entries are shown for time & destination
• Export day/month data by mail in CSV file for reports and backup in Excel or Numbers
• Privacy mode pauses tracing

TraceLog is a feature-rich and easy to use tool to trace your work and travel time and allocate it to your projects. TraceLog is designed for freelancers, consultants and sales persons, etc., who need a detailed, GPS-backed log of their whereabouts, work hours and travel time, distance and speed – for billing or for better control over their schedule. TraceLog can also be used to log your vacation travels or verify driving speed and roads.

TraceLog interfaces GPS and Calendar, working in the background, requiring just minimal setting for smooth, automatic operation. You can add a note for each tracing record for more additional information.
All tracing data is kept on your iPhone for a set duration and can be sent by mail as a CSV file to be further processed by Excel or Numbers.

NOTE: Like most applications using GPS, continuing use of GPS while running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
Yael Dollberg