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tppy is your private, secure, and cashless tipping app. Simply tap your phone to a tppy user’s wearable tag, or scan their unique QR code, and you can give an anonymous tip to anyone in seconds!

tppy is an iOS app that allows you to quickly and securely tip, without sharing any personal data. No cash? No problem. You shouldn’t have to exchange any information to show gratitude. Just tap or scan to seamlessly tip those who deserve it!

+ No personal information is exchanged or shared; simply just tap and tip
+ Tap a tppy wearable, or scan a QR code, and complete your tip in under 7 seconds
+ When receiving tips, see valuable information such as which days/times you receive the most tips
+ Flexible payout schedules
+ Fraud monitoring
+ 24/7 customer support

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Tppy, LLC