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Tpin is a mobile application used for team tracking and information gathering. Tpin's mobile application ensures workers safety by including panic and duress options for emergency incidents as well as real-time location beaconing and geo-tagged information collection.

Tpin integrates with a web-based Command Center over secure, encrypted connections that work on any cellular, WI-FI, or satellite network. With the Command Center, managers can remotely collaborate and share collected information for entire teams. Tracking a team member’s location with location beacons, panic and duress mode alerts keeps watch over your team to ensure a quick response.

• Use beacons to automatically send location updates at a configurable time interval
• Initiate panic incidents with an emergency dispatcher. Automatically send location updates to the dispatcher and status updates to the user
• Integrates with Flic button technology so that help is just a click away
• Send location updates manually by using a Flic button
• Toggle beacons or initiate panic from your paired Apple Watch
• Create geotagged brevity codes that your organization can use for a wide variety of purposes - for example for clocking in and out
• Works reliably under poor network conditions. Tpin uses a sophisticated proprietary algorithm to reliably resend data that was lost due to network failures.


This evaluation version of Tpin sends location histories to a Creative Radicals server. An operational version of Tpin will use your company's servers instead so that all data shared is between your employees and their employer or emergency dispatcher. Data on Creative Radicals Tpin servers is used for testing purposes only and is not shared with any other party.

On-device user data including location history is encrypted at all times. Local location histories are only created if the 'Show Pins' application setting is enabled and can be deleted at any time within the application settings.
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