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tpg offline

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tpg offline

tpg offline is the ultimate application for traveling with Geneva public transportations. Whether you are a regular on line 18 or a passing visitor, tpg offline will help you navigate in the jungle of lines, thanks to its many features.

• Plan your next adventure with the routes menu.
• Avoid unnecessary run-to-get-the-bus, thanks to real-time departures and smart reminders.
• If you're ask yourself, "Which tramway should I take at the terminus?", don't ask anymore, tpg offline has the answer.
• Avoid the astronomical out-of-package bills, thanks to the function of displaying scheduled departures, without an internet connection. (You have to download departures in settings before using this function, and offline routes will be soon available)
• Avoid to be late at appointments, thanks to reminders
• For history and bus fans, links to SNOTPG's line histories are scattered in the Orientation tab.
• A dark mode, which will also be delightful with the new iPhone X, there is.
• No ads will distract you in tpg offline. Neither now, nor later.
• Those who are hurry will appreciate the Apple Watch extension, which will provide you with the essential information you need, right on your wrist.

• Departures, incidents, lines and plans data are provided by Geneva public transportions.
• Routes use the unofficial API of
• The "time machine" refers to the Unofficial Website of TPG, a.k.a. SNOTPG.

We just wanted to warn you first of all of several things:
• tpg offline is an unofficial tpg application, developed by an independent developer, using the data made available by tpg.
• tpg offline can not be responsible if your bus, trolleybus, tramway or train leaves late or in advance, or if the lines are diverted, or if changes / deletions occur. Without wanting to direct your life, we advise you to check the dirsruptions before leaving, or to activate the dirsruptions notifications, as well as to be at the stop a few minutes before the departure of your bus.
• If you have any problem in the application, any question, or a great idea: write to us at [email protected] or @remydcf for those who love (blue) birds.
• We really hope that the application will please you.

Now, take your ticket or your Swisspass, go on an adventure and have a good trip in Geneva!
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