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My goal for the Totalizer was to make a watch calculator that you'll actually enjoy using. It has:
• Big, easy to hit buttons, while keeping everything you need on a single screen.
• Perfect button responsiveness.
• Quick launch time.
• Running total will update as you type, no need for the "=" button.
• Full equation preview as you type. Equation preview is in the title bar, freeing space for bigger buttons.
• Easily accessible "%" button, which I think is the most used feature for an app of this kind (to calculate a tip, a sale, or a price after tax).
• Percent works as you'd expect it to:
200+10% = 220
100-10% = 90
• Has the secondary layout where the buttons are as big as possible, and the operators can be reached with a button press or a screen swipe.
• One tap to add parentheses around the equation - just tap the running total number.
• Complications for all the watch faces are available, for the quick app launch, and to display the last result.

If all of the above sounds like "well, how else it should be working?" to you, then I've achieved what I've set to do. However, it took a lot of thinking, designing, adding, and subtracting to get there, which I think comes through when you start using it.

As with anything that I make, If you have an idea how to make it even better - I'm listening!
Marko Radakovic