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Topo Maps

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Topo Maps

Navigate easily in the nature using Topo Maps! This app includes sharp and up-to-date topographic maps to 12 countries.


• Show current location and path on the map.
• Save favorite places and routes to bookmarks.
• Bookmarks are synced via iCloud.
• Export routes as GPX-files.
• Download maps for offline use.
• Location Sharing between devices.
• Measure distances between two or more points.
• Search for places, addresses or coordinates.
• See accurate weather data for the current location.

Topographic maps are available to the following countries:

• Austria
• Australia
• Canada
• Denmark
• Spain
• Finland
• Germany
• Iceland
• Netherlands
• Norway
• New Zealand
• Sweden
• United States

This app uses data from third-party​ services. Copyright information can be found in the lower right corner of the map.
Oliver Kulpakko