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Topo Card

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Topo Card

Hello from Tokyo! Topo Card is an unusual application that "Memo to Location". You can put information of the city you care about in a card with photos and videos and put it in various places. And the card will appear when you visit that place, and card will guide you on the map.

You can leave the card as your own note, send card to a friend for meeting, publish and inform the Topo Card users around you, or spread card via SNS. It's a great place for everyone to share information about shops, events and attractions.

《Features of Topo Card》
- Compose a card by specifying a location with GPS or map.
- Notify you when visiting near cards.
- The card navigates you to that location with one tap.
- You can send cards with friends using Topo Card.
- When you card to Publish, automatically creates a web page that combines maps, text, photos and videos, and allows you to share it on SNS etc.

《New Functions of Topo Card v.2》
- Tiny video of up to 30 seconds can now attach in card.
- It is a UI that can be used immediately like other familiar map app.

《Convenient function only for Latest iOS》
- DarkMode: The screen easier on your eyes in the night city.
- The Long Press: You can see preview a card and access to the context menu.
- AR Card: Anyone can easily compose an AR card with one photo and one video.
- Siri Shortcut: Talk to Siri to find the card.
- iMessage: You can send a card made in Topo with a message.
Kenji Imai