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You know the stuff you just can’t remember? Like, what was my boss’s wife’s name? Where did I put my passport? What is my kid’s health plan number? Where is my parking space at the airport? What is the restroom code on the third floor?

There are zillions of things you want to remember, but it’s impossible to keep track of it all.

And, all the existing apps that try to do this are more trouble than they are worth. Every single one of them. Way too much trouble, too hard to use, you’ve tried a few and after a while you just stop using them.

We have a solution. We call it Tootle. It remembers everything. And anything. No need to organize your thoughts into categories, no need to go to computer school to learn how to use the app, no hashtags, no annoying and complicated requirements.

Just talk to it, like Tootle is some sort of perfect second brain which remembers every single thing you’ve ever told it.

Never ever again forget anything. It has a perfect memory, every single time.

And now, in using Tootle, so do you.
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