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TomoNow 2

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TomoNow 2

Do you remember the last time you using a real timer? TomoNow 2 can make your time management more interesting. Without too much thought, it's easy to get started.

(There is a one-time purchase for the pro pack in the app.)

- It feels different: A specially designed UI feels like a real timer. Helps you to improve your focus and avoid interruption.

- Full-function focus timer: TomoNow 2's timing tools are highly flexible and easy to customize.

- Accessibility: TomoNow has been optimized for accessibility and is suitable for daily usage by visually impaired people.

- To-do list: Focus on the current task. Use as "current actions list" to incorporate the TomoNow 2 into your time management workflow. You can make a plan and follow the progress. There are also useful features such as repeat and undo. (Pro for the repeat feature.)

- Statistics: Record your daily work efficiency. It's easy to analyze and review. Include day, week, month, and time count since you start using TomoNow 2. (Pro for show chart as tasks.)

- Task history: Manage finished tasks, long press to repeat.

- Widget: Timer and task list widget that you can put on the home screen.

- Watch app: Start focus from Apple watch! Set and add a task. Work perfectly in the background.

- iCloud sync: Sync task list and history between your devices. (Pro)

- Sound themes: Reality, Glass, Synth, and Classic sound theme. (Pro)

- Siri shortcut, URL scheme support, drag & drop.

- TomoNow 2 is designed and developed by an indie developer.

- Using open-source project:
Gidole - Open Source Modern DIN (MIT):
Jinyu Meng