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Tokishil is an app that allows you to easily visualize time and manage goals.

3 steps to use
① Record what you spent your time on
In addition to tapping the icon on the app, let's record what you spent time on by linking with the calendar and using Siri and shortcuts.
② Intuitively grasp with a graph
The recorded time is graphed in real time. Since it is always displayed in comparison with yesterday or last week, you can intuitively grasp "what kind of state / condition you are in now" with a touch.
③ Look back on reports and goal functions
Reports are aggregated on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. In addition, the goal function allows you to check the progress toward goals such as "exercise for 2 hours a week" and "game up to 1 hour a day" in real time.

Let's bring the usage of time closer to the ideal with these functions!
Use Tokishil to make good use of your time and have a better life.

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