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Feed your Tokeimon and take care of it to grow your beloved baby Tokeimon to be a lovely teenager and then a beautiful adult with full of colors and characteristics. You will need to feed your Tokeimon, play with it and grow it hourly through 3 states of Baby, Teenager, and Adult. You can earn coins via Mini Games and use your awarded coins to exchange food and items for your Tokeimon.

Normally, the baby Tokeimon needs 3 days to turn teenager and 7 more days to be an adult. You will explore colorful Tokeimon during each stage. Once you feel enough with the adult one, you can save it in your collection and explore other Tokeimon with different colors, styles, and characteristics. Let’s EXPLORE!!!

Mini Games

· 2048: Join the numbers! Each time you add 128 to your tile, you earn 1 coin
· Rochambeau: Earn 2 coins for your win!
· Tic Tac Toe: Win your game and you will earn 2 coins!

Why you love Tokeimon?

· It’s FREE
· It provides un-predictable funny characters
· It’s truly engaged with our daily lives
· Intuitive Tokeimon completely reflects its daily states

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(Tokeimon can only be played with Apple Watch)
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