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ToDo Simple List

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ToDo Simple List

"To Do List" - Always be productive!

This is application with simple and clear interface for writing and structuring your affairs tasks and shopping list.

The app provides you the opportunity to:
- Create a business / task / purchase one-touch
- Sort list according to your preference
- Add a reminder for each case
- Create a detailed description of each case

And also:
- The application synchronizes data in iCloud, allowing you to working with your tasks list of cases on different devices
- (!) Also, the application supports Today Widget

The application interface:
- Swipe down to create a new task
- Swipe left to go in the application settings
- Swipe from right to left on a task to remove it
- In detail, you can assign a notification for the task + its detailed description

May you be always and everywhere productive and effective!
Alexander Senin