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ToDo Calendar Pro

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ToDo Calendar Pro

Would you like to make your smartphone or tablet PC into a useful business tool?
ToDo Calendar Pro is an application to manage your tasks efficiently using a calendar. 
The calendar shows you an overview of what tasks are due to be performed and when. 
Tasks are synced to all your devices through iCloud, so you can manage your tasks anytime, anywhere. 
You can also automatically register tasks to iOS Calendar, iOS Reminder and Google Calendar.

ToDo Calendar Pro functions

1. Registering tasks
First, let's register your tasks. 
By setting a scheduled start date and scheduled end date, you will be able to complete your tasks on time. 
You can fill in detailed information and attach photos, videos, Excel, Word or other files and maps in the tasks.
Tasks can also be further divided into sub-tasks.

2. Registering tasks using a template
By using pre-registered templates, you can easily register tasks.
You can customize the template any way you like.

3. Managing tasks in a calendar
You can see your tasks in the calendar.
The calendar allows you to see which tasks will be performed when.

4. Managing tasks in a list
You can also see the tasks in a list.
You can see what tasks are currently being performed, what tasks have been completed, and what tasks will be performed in the future.

5. Organizing tasks in groups
If you set up groups for tasks, you can view tasks by group in a calendar or a list.
You can customize groups any way you like.

6. Task notifications
You can specify the tasks to be notified at the scheduled start date and time or at a specified date and time.
With notifications, you'll never forget an important task.

7. Linking iOS Calendar, iOS Reminder and Google Calendar
You can set up your tasks to work with iOS Calendar, iOS Reminder, and Google Calendar, so they can be registered to iOS Calendar, iOS Reminder, and Google Calendar.

8. Viewing today’s tasks on Apple Watch
You can see a list of tasks to be performed today on your Apple Watch.
You can also mark completed tasks as completed.