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Toddler & Baby Learn

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Toddler & Baby Learn

Toddler & Baby Learn is a fun, engaging and safe way to entertain and encourage your child's development. Now also available on Apple Watch!

Complete with over 500+ stunning photographs in 4 categories, each flashcard is accompanied by sounds that stimulate children's development in a safe and fun way.

The app uses spaced repetition and other smart learning techniques to help recognition, reinforcement and development of vocabulary.

See HD photos and listen to the sounds that farm animals, safari animals, transportation and musical instruments make by touching flashcards that open full screen in an easily navigable interface useable by children of all ages.

Teach your toddler what an airplane, cello, alpaca and truck sound like in a way that they will love.

Each flashcard has between 5 and 10 images each so that children can develop their understanding of objects and the associated sounds through repetition.

In an every increasingly multilingual world, the app also comes pre-built with 10 languages that include voice-overs and text labels per flashcard. Easily controllable within the app settings, more languages are added frequently.

Available languages:

English — USA, UK, Australia, Canada
German — Germany
French — France
Spanish — Mexico, Argentina
Portuguese — Portugal, Brazil
Japanese — Japan
Simplified Chinese — Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong
Hindi — India
Russian — Russia
Indonesian — Indonesia
Korean — South Korea
Finland (Suomi)

* New - Apple Watch!

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