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Today's Budget

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Today's Budget

[Make Your Money Last with Daily Budgeting]

Ever wished your money could last longer? Today's Budget converts your income, bills, and savings into daily amounts, to ensure your money is well distributed throughout the month.

Focus on today and take control—one day at a time.

[Brain-Friendly Budgeting]

Daniel Kahneman, a psychologist and author of 'Thinking, Fast and Slow', talks about two ways we think – System 1 (intuitive, fast) and System 2 (analytical, slow). We transform budgeting from a complex System 2 task into a simple System 1 task.

No spreadsheets, no complicated forecasts. Just one number to guides your spending!

[Our Commitment To Privacy]

- No bank connection.
- No tracking.
- We never monetize your data.
- Your data is securely stored only on your device and iCloud.

[Key Features]

1. Budget Management & Calculation
- Today’s Budget calculation
- Budget with steady paychecks or irregular income

2. Budget With Your Partner
- You can share and budget together with your partner

3. Savings & Goals
- Saving up or paying off large expenses like holidays or laptops
- Saving jar to put money aside
- Emergency fund

4. Financial Analysis
- Insights graphs for deep analysis of your finance, such as expense and income distribution, trends over time, monthly summaries

5. Data Sync & Backup
- iCloud sync
- Multi-user iCloud sync
- Backup

6. Customization & Personalization
- Customizable categories
- Widgets (5 designs to choose from)
- Lock Screen widgets
- Multiple wallets to manage finances for personal, business, or holiday separately

7. Devices
- Apple Watch version
- (planned) iPad and Mac versions

[Get In Touch]

Email: [email protected]

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