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It's a small but powerful bookkeeping app without the intrusion of ads and all the features are free, making bookkeeping pure.


- Night Mode

You can switch between day mode and night mode according to your preference, day mode is clean and fresh, night mode is comfortable for your eyes. In iOS13 and above, you can also switch modes automatically with the system theme.

- Multi-dimensional statistics

You can choose to view your billing statistics on a monthly or yearly basis, and bar and pie charts provide a multi-dimensional and visual display of statistics.

- Highly personalized

Billing categories and asset accounts can be added, deleted and sorted, plus numerous setting options, enough for you to find the most comfortable position to use.

- Privacy Protection

Support authentication function, using iOS password system to add a password lock to the app, so that your bills can only be seen by you.

- Data import and export

It supports exporting data to JSON/CSV/XLSX files and importing data using these three formats. You can use this feature to make manual backups of your bills, or use it to import bill data from other apps.

- Cloud Sync

It supports iCloud sync function, which allows you to synchronize data when you log in to the same iCloud account in multiple devices, and also ensures that data will not be lost after accidental uninstallation.

- iOS14 Desktop widget

Perfectly support iOS14 desktop widget, you can see the summary overview of the current day/month at a glance without opening the app.

More features are under development ......

If you encounter problems or have good suggestions during use, you can send me feedback by email; if you think this app is not bad, you are also welcome to reward in the app.

E-mail: [email protected]
嘉谊 陈