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What we ROCK? Only the best talk and pure, unadulterated Classic ROCK To The Bone.
Remember blasting killer music in your car, at the beach, or on the green, and then some ballad came on? In that moment it was as if someone somewhere reached through your speakers and ripped your heart out… We know the feeling, and that’s why we made Tony Kurre Radio (TKR). We don’t play the soft stuff, we play ROCK. TKR delivers to you unique and exclusive programming that ROCKS all day and Classic ROCK To The Bone all night.

How we ROCK? With passion and personality.
The backbone of TKR is Classic ROCK; it’s the music that informs our culture and our content, and that’s the way real radio should be.

Who we ROCK? Only the best.
TKR is the home of The Kurre and Klapow Show, the uniquely fresh lifestyle and social commentary program. Featuring Classic Rock radio legend Tony Kurre and clinical psychologist and national media psychology correspondent Dr. Josh Klapow, Ph.D, The Kurre and Klapow Show delivers fantastic talk radio covering topics ranging from relationships to what’s in the news. Interesting and relevant, The Kurre and Klapow Show broadcasts LIVE 7AM to 9:30AM CST (with an evening replay 6PM to 8PM CST) every Monday through Friday. The latter half of 2021 marks the debut of even more excellent shows made for rockers like Blues Almighty (featuring ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons and Austin Hanks, AC/DC’s Live Wire Wednesday (over an hour of wall-to-wall AC/DC at night), Dark Side of the Pooch (a hilarious review of the latest in pet peeves), IBM Champion’s Chat (where Classic Rock meets high tech), and rock correspondence with Lynyrd Skynyrd and Brother Cane’s, Damon Johnson, all of these and plenty more on the way from some of the Internet’s most entertaining show-runners, all available exclusively on TKR.

Why we ROCK? For you, because you want it.
TKR was created to put personality back into radio and transmute the traditional radio listening experience seamlessly online; simply put, TKR makes it easy for you to hear great programming and the best Classic ROCK not by tuning your radio dial in your car but rather by using the TKR App!

Where we ROCK? Worldwide.
You can access TKR by downloading the TKR App for free; In short, TKR is available anywhere and everywhere! All you need is a mobile device; no car necessary.

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Legal Stuff. IMPORTANT!
TKR is available anywhere unless otherwise prohibited by certain local laws. By using TKR or accessing, you accept and agree to the TKR Terms of Use––and consent to the TKR Privacy Policy– You also agree that you will only use TKR or for personal, non-commercial entertainment. By using TKR in anyway not intended and defined by us, you accept all liability associated with the misuse.

The TKR logo, icon, background artwork, and any other associated visual asset is Copyright © 2021 KCommunications, Inc. The “Tony Kurre Radio" name is Copyright © 2021 KCommunications Inc. The TKR app was developed and is maintained by us in partnership with (UK) Limited.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding what we define as “appropriate use” and “misuse” of the TKR app or Email us at [email protected] or [email protected].

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