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TipSí is the Ultimate tip and bill splitting calculator for your Apple Watch. No need to pull out your iPhone when you can discreetly calculate a tip or split your bill right from your wrist. The no hassle bill splitting features allow quick adjustments when one or more in your party needs to pay a different amount or when you decide to pick up the full tip. Rounding your tip amount up or down is easy with a quick context menu selection.

Bill splitting can be awkward between friends or in a group, TipSí makes it simple and quick. There are situations where splitting bills can get complicated but with TipSí it is easy to enter a specific amount for each payer with the other amounts automatically updated to reflect the total.


- Automatic tip calculation.
- Fast tip percentage change.
- Set default tip percentage.
- Tip rounding to even amount up or down.
- Quick and easy bill splitting.
- Manual amount override for individual on bill split.
- Split calculations where one pays the full tip.
Andrew Kaczmarczyk