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Tip Calculator +++

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Tip Calculator +++

Tip Utility allows for fast and very flexible calculation of tips. This isn't one of the hundreds of other tip calculator apps that were practice projects made by novices to get their feet wet with iOS development. Nor does this app pretend to be more than it is by claiming to be the "best" out there.

This app prioritizes functionality over everything else. If you want a simple, straight-forward, feature-packed tip calculator that gets the job done, you needn't look further. Features include:

- Tip Guide for U.S.
- Bill tracker for archiving and easy sharing (via email) of your receipts and bills.
- Simple & straightforward user interface.
- Easily accessible pull-down calculator from calculate view.
- Tip labels below tip segmented control display tip amounts at corresponding percentages for convenience.
- Split bill capability.
- Options to exclude/include tax before computing tip.
- Ability to specify total and tip (for reverse determination of tip %).
- Calculate tax rate from Subtotal and Tax amounts.
- Customizable selectable tip values.
- Dark mode support.

Please contact developer for help or feedback. All feedback taken into consideration.
Aaron Jubbal