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Welcome to TinyTriviaAI! The AI powered trivia bot from your wrist.

Boost your brainpower with TinyTriviaAI, the ultimate trivia app powered by advanced AI! Dive into a world of fun and engaging questions that will challenge your knowledge on a variety of topics. Our intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate, so you can focus on unleashing your inner trivia master!

Key Features:

AI-Generated Questions: Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, TinyTriviaAI creates diverse, unique, and captivating questions that keep you on your toes!

Topics Galore: Explore trivia across ten exciting categories: The Solar System, Famous Paintings, World History, Animal Kingdom, Sports Records, Famous Authors, Musical Instruments, Movie Quotes, Geography, and Pop Culture.

Simple Interface: TinyTriviaAI's clean and user-friendly design lets you jump right into the action and challenge your mind!

Multiple Difficulties: Easy, Intermediate, and Hard modes to test your mind!

Get ready to embark on a trivia adventure with TinyTriviaAI for AI-powered fun and an engaging challenge. Level up your knowledge and become the ultimate trivia champion today!
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