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Tinysquare for Foursquare

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Tinysquare for Foursquare

Tinysquare is a simple Swarm (foursquare) client to check in easy.

- Apple Watch Support !!
- Today Widget !!
- iPad Multitasking !!
- Laucnh the app and select a venue to check-in
- Select a venue with map
- Auto check-in

*Auto check-in uses a geofence.
Using Auto check-in may affect your battery life.
A geofence is a virtual perimeter around a location.

URL scheme
Launch : jp.natzsoft.tinysquare:
Auto check-in
ON : jp.natzsoft.tinysquare://auto-checkin/on
OFF : jp.natzsoft.tinysquare://auto-checkin/off
Natz Soft