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Tiny Timer

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Tiny Timer

Tiny Timer is an elegant, customizable, and flexible timer app on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac with M1/M2 chip. In comparison to the pre-installed timer app, Tiny Timer offers you the following advantages:

- Easily create timer presets for the tasks you do regularly.
- Customize your timers with a name, color, and icon for quick recognition.
- Tiny Timer visualizes the remaining duration of your timers with a colorful ring.
- Multiple timers can run at the same time.
- Choose from a selection of notification sounds for your timers.
- Notifications can be repeated automatically up to 10 times.
- Add your timers as a widget to your home screen or as a complication to your watch face.
- Tiny Timer supports all widget and complication types. Multiple timers can live on the same home screen or watch face.
- Timers synchronize automatically between your devices via iCloud.

Tiny Timer does not contain any subscriptions or ads. You can create up to three timers in the free version. Unlock Tiny Timer Plus to get unlimited timers and a wider selection of icons and colors.

Timers are synchronized to your private iCloud account. Tiny Timer protects your privacy and does not collect any analytics data.

You can find more information about Tiny Timer on If you encounter any issues or have questions, please get in touch with me. I reply personally to every email ([email protected]). You can also reach me on Twitter (@TinyTimerApp).
Felix Lisczyk