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Tiny Shopping List

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Tiny Shopping List

Store all your shopping lists in one convenient place and share whole lists or individual list items between one ore more iDevices. Import lists created with the Excel or Numbers template supplied on the support site, and export your lists in a variety of ways and formats. Creating and sharing shopping information has never been simpler.


- Easy to use right from the start, create your lists and start entering items quickly.
- Auto tallying of prices and quantities per list item.
- A total cost for all items in a list.
- Check or uncheck list items to mark them completed/uncompleted.
- Set up to 20 location based alarms that trigger reminders.
- For each location alert, set how the alert is triggered (On Entry, On Exit, Both).
- Set an Alarm based alert on a per list basis.
- Import CSV files from Numbers and Excel with the appropriate columns into the app. (Templates supplied on the support site)
- Multiple ways to export a list and multiple file export formats.
- Export individual list items as Text or HTML.
- Share individual list items using Email and Air Drop.
- File Formats include CSV, Text, and HTML
- Import files via iCloud or iTunes or even Air Drop
- Supports iCloud for synchronizing app settings between devices
Mark Busman