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Tiny Mic

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Tiny Mic

"A truly useful utility."

Tiny Mic is an audio and voice recorder for your Apple Watch. Record or dictate on your Apple Watch and then manage those recordings/dictations on your phone.

- Capture audio recordings and dictations on your Apple Watch.
- Use Apple Watch Glances to see how many dictations and recordings you have and to quickly open Tiny Mic.
- Add a Tiny Mic to your Watch face for super-fast access.
- Use your iPhone to edit the dictations and add descriptions for your recordings.
- Listen to your recordings on your Apple Watch and iPhone.
- Recordings and dictations are automatically sent to your iPhone.
- Delete from your Apple Watch without deleting from your iPhone and vice versa.
- Share your recordings and dictations with your friends.
- Adjustable recording quality.
- Re-push all of your recordings and dictations from your Apple Watch to your phone if you've deleted one by mistake.
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