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Tiny Labyrinth Adventure

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Tiny Labyrinth Adventure

Tiny Labyrinth Adventure is an adventure-puzzle game, available on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Explore labyrinths, looking for gems.

The game is based on a top-down view,

On the iPhone / iPad, two control modes are available : Absolute (4 arrows), and Relative (rotations to the left / to the right). In Relative mode, hero's movements are controlled via the two bottom buttons : pressing the bottom left button will make the hero pivot 90 degrees to his / her left, and pressing the bottom right button will make the hero pivot 90 degrees to his / her right.

On the Apple Watch, only Relative control mode is available : hero's movements are controlled by the digital crown : Rotating the digital crown counterclockwise will make the hero pivot 90 degrees to his/her left, and rotating the digital crown clockwise will make the hero pivot 90 degrees to his/her right.

In the Apple Watch version, an arrow on the top-right indicates the direction followed by the hero.

Each level is completed once you have collected all of the gems.

Once a level is completed, the next one is unlocked.

The levels are independant of each other.

On the left of the screen, a vertical gauge indicates your life level.

The mazes include locked doors, as well as pushable blocks, which disappear when they collide a block of the same colour.

You can collect four kinds of objects : Gems, swords, keys, and red potions.

You will also find enemies, spiked balls and flames, that you must avoid or destroy.

Each key allows you to open one locked door,

Each sword allows you to kill one enemy.

Colliding spiked balls or flames, as well as colliding an enemy without having any sword, will decrease your life level,

The game is over when your life level reaches zero.

Red potions will increase your life level.

You can destroy spiked balls, flames and enemies by pushing blocks over them.

In addition, the game includes teleportation points, symbolized by pentacles, and levers, which make appear / disappear doors of the same color.

Enjoy !
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