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* This is the final version of Timy, it's time to say goodbye. by the way, you can buy TinyCal(小历) for better user experience

Simple and lightweight app of time, which can be use in the main app, Today Widget and your Apple Watch

Feature list:

1) Switch display style
2) The festival
3) The system events
4) Switch start with Monday or Sunday
5) Show only current week or whole month
6) Resize the panel of calendar, change the font-size
7) Colorful

World Clock:
1) More than 500 timezones, if missing, please contact me to add
2) Add multiple timezones as a list
3) Colorful
4) Longpress to reorder or delete items

Apple Watch:
1) Gregorian calendar and lunar calendar(for Chinese)
2) View system events in Glance
3) Move to next month or previous month in your Apple Watch

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact