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Timewinder the Interval Timer

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Timewinder the Interval Timer

Do More Today with Just One App!!!

Timewinder is the Best Interval Timer and Task Manager App for Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Breathing, Tabata, HIIT, Running, WOD, Study, Productivity, Focus, Pomodoro, Learning and So Much More. You Don't Need to Overload with Several Apps. Find out what our loyal customers already know. Simplify and Save with Timewinder! Download and try the original interval timer and task manager for free, right now.

Timewinder is Packed with Easy-To-Use, Visually-Assistive, Innovative Features:

•Easy playback mode with 4 options for readability and customization, in both landscape and portrait mode. It's the perfect visual aid.
•Screen lock mode for playback when you want the app to maintain focus and full background support when you don't.
•Quickly get started with dozens of standard interval training, running, yoga, meditation and productivity timer templates, available for free download, anytime.
•Create highly customized timers when you need something specific to you.
•Support for custom pictures, text and sounds for each interval - when you need more than an interval timer for workouts.
•Use the built in recorder for voice clips for each interval - when you need more than an interval timer for workouts.
•Support for custom pause controls for each interval - if you want it.
•Easy editing. Create your interval steps and repeat them for any number of times and/or create a completely customized list of steps for the most complicated routines.
•Free timer templates and sharing. Easily share workouts and other timers with friends for inspiration.
•Get more done with timer reminders.
•Works flawlessly with phone, video, music and other apps. Timewinder pauses so you can take that call and then get right back to business. Play music or watch a movie while Timewinder runs your routines and notifies you in the background.
•Includes Apple Watch support. Watch interval timers running from Apple watch, receive notifications with haptic support.
•Apple Watch support with continuity between the watch and your iPhone or iPad. Start it on your Phone, follow it on your Watch, and pick it back up on your Phone. This is the app to use if continuity matters to you.
•Universal application. Download it once. Use it on all of your devices.
•The Free Version allows you to save 1 custom timer at any time and as many premium downloadable timers as you want (others charge for these). The Upgrade allows you to save as many custom timers as you would like.
•Best price in the App store for an app with these features if you decide to totally unlock!

Timewinder with Apple Watch support is the only social, shareable, interval timer and task manager that supports handoff flawlessly. You can start an activity on the phone, pick it up on your watch and hand it back off to your phone. If you want continuity between devices, this is the app to stick with and it's only going to get better.

Timewinder is also the most flexible and customizable timer offering options for task management, such as custom picture, text and sound support the competition simply doesn't have. You have total control over each step in your routine when you need it. This is critically important for more complicated routines that you may have and is one reason Timewinder can accommodate all of them better than any other app in the app store.

Timewinder was intentionally created to be useful for many activities to optimize your time and simplify your digital life - not merely as a workout timer trying to fit into other scenarios. Get over the clutter and get in control. With built-in sharing features, you can elect to share your fitness, learning and other activities with friends. With reminders, you can stay on top of your goals like never before.
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