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TimeTension - no need to count repetitions and sets anymore, efficient workout using time as a measurement, using your Apple Watch capabilities.

What is important during an exercise is keeping the muscles under an adequate tension using seconds as a measurement. This is the best way to exercise, not counting repetitions. The TimeTension app tracks the time of each set, the time of resting between sets & the number of sets. When a set or rest is over you 'll be notified with a vibration on your wrist if you have an AppleWatch so you can do your exercise & resting unmindfully. This unmidfullness about time, counting sets or repetitions gives rise to a sense of mindfulness and the ability to focus our attention to our muscles during the exercises.

Stop counting repetitions during your workout and focus your attention on your body and breathing.
That way you silence your inner voice and reduce stress by increasing your self-awareness. Do your exercises slowly and enjoy being in the present.

The TimeTension app is for:
- Workout savvies that know the value of the time under tension method.
- People that quit gyms and exercising easily. It makes exercising an easier activity.
- People that want to combine workouts with mindfulness.

Workout programs:
Exercise slowly and use the digital crown on your AppleWatch to set the desired program.

Maximizing Strength
Set time 4-20 seconds (equivalent to 1-6 repetitions)
Rest time 2 minutes

Muscle mass (standard workout is 45 seconds)
Set time 40—60 seconds (equivalent to 8-12 repetitions)
Rest time 1 minute

Muscle endurance
Set time 70-100 seconds (equivalent to 15-20 repetitions)
Rest time 30 seconds

*The app starts a workout session in order to notify you more accurately when the workout ends. Also accept notifications on first use else you will not be notified when the watch has its screen off.