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Timetable Plus

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Timetable Plus

Timetable Plus

A Timetable for everyone. Have full control of your Timetable with powerful settings. View your Timetable at a glance with the widget and Apple Watch!

Timetable Plus is incredibly quick to setup, with two ways to edit you are in full control. To setup your Timetable in seconds, use Bulk Editing, to edit individual classes, make notes or change a class name you can individually edit a class!


• Apple Watch, Sync your Timetable with your watch to know what you have at a glance!

• Two Ways To Edit
- Bulk Editing, choose a class once and tap spots on your timetable to add it.
- Individual Editing, tap a class on your timetable. You can set a preset and edit any of the classes details.

• Edit individually by using presets!

• Widget to tell you what your current, next and previous classes are.

• Custom amount of Days & Periods to suit all different timetables.

• Period times, setup times for your classes and also to allow for the use of the widget.

• Create Classes with a custom name, room number, description and colour.

• Manage classes easily, edit their name, room number, description and colour and remove classes.

• Quickly setup your timetable's lessons by creating a class, selecting it and adding it to the timetable easily.

• Individually edit lessons. to fix any errors or to make custom notes or lessons.

• Used advanced features like changing the current week to suit any timetable!

• View the detail of a class just by tapping it on the home screen!

• And many more!

This app is by Dylan Turner (WWDC 18 Scholar). Thanks to Matthew Rensch for artwork and some design contribution.

If you have any feedback, questions or need support please visit the support link or visit the website!
Liz Turner