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TimeRush Timesheets & Invoices

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TimeRush Timesheets & Invoices

There’s a million things you’d probably rather do than fill out a timesheet — TimeRush is here to ensure that you have the free time to do so. Free yourself from the last minute stress of trying to backtrack how your week was spent by utilizing the intuitive and straightforward features TimeRush provides.

TimeRush is a clever, cloud-based time tracking application that takes away the pain and helps to keep you on track. Regardless of if your a freelancer or part of a small team, odds are that ‘accountant’ and ‘payroll’ isn’t a part of your intended job description, so why not outsource that task?

Just hit start and you’re on your way. Easily @client, specify a !project, or select a #task and have a workflow that works for you. Jot down notes from the start, or add them once you’ve finished. Multitasking extraordinaire? Go ahead and run multiple timers at once.

Once you’re done, export your work as Timesheet or an Invoice — or both.

It doesn’t matter how you work — TimeRush has got you covered.

TimeRush is free to use, with up to 5 clients,25 projects, and unlimited tasks. Find yourself becoming a power user? We understand. IAPs will allow you to get rid of ads forever, as well as unlock a greater number of clients and projects.
Remove all that paper shuffling! Billing and payroll are accurate and we have removed all those administration nightmares, that tie up valuable resources, frustrate employees and slow you down from invoicing your clients. TimeRush is perfect for those who want to avoid the traditional hangups associated with timesheets and invoicing, but we know that there are those who like a bit more complexity with their accounting. Sound like you? Check out BullRush — our automated, GPS timesheet and tracking app.

It doesn’t matter if you're a small business or a team of 10,000 — accurate timekeeping adds up to more profit, with less effort. It’s about time.


• Easy entry — @client, !project, #task and you’re off to work
• Record time spent on tasks accurately, no more guesswork.
• Add desk-based hours easily even if you forget to hit start or stop.
• Track your work and making billing a dream
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