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Timer45 App

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Timer45 App

Simple yet sensible timer app.
Tired of many Timer apps so far? This app will give you satisfaction :)

- Simple start / end
: Press the button at the bottom of the main screen. It's easy to get started.

- Sensational design
: Please come to the main screen with simple yet sophisticated design.

- Manage many Timer lists
: You can create multiple timer lists. Use multiple lists alternately.
: The topmost item is automatically selected on the main screen.

- Detailed notification settings
: It is possible to repeat setting in days and weeks.

- Optimal settings for interval movements
: You can set set, exercise time, and break time respectively.
: Repeat as many times as set.

- Apple Watch support
You can also enjoy the timer in Apple Watch.

- Various theme support
: In addition to Original theme, enjoy Dark and White theme (iOS 10.3 or later)

- Health Kit support
: It works with the calories of Apple's health function.
Chang Woo Son