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Timer for LT Lite

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Timer for LT Lite

Timer for LT Lite is a timer app and let you know the time by chime like a school or workplace.
By allowing the location information, you will be notified by the chime when you are in the office.
You can use it as a record of study or as evidence of check in and check out.

Timer for LT was created as a timer for Lightning Talks.
It can also show the time to the projector screen.
If you have FUN’IKI Ambient Glasses, It tells you remaining time by flashing glasses.

An Ad will be displayed in Lite edition.

Supports Apple Watch from version 2.3.0


- It is a simple timer that focuses on the use in Lightning Talks.
- You can set up to 9 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds in 1 second increments.
- It can be displayed as an independent screen on the external monitor.
- Since the screen can be rotated, it is also possible to install the projector vertically.
- If you have FUN’IKI Ambient Glasses( ), It tells you remaining time by flashing glasses.
- When you click a button at top of glasses, the timer will be started or stopped.
- When you double click it, the timer will be reseted.

- It is possible to play sound in the middle.
You can change it by selecting "Information icon" > "Count down".
FUN’IKI Ambient Glasses are flashing at that timing.


- You can schedule according to your lifestyle and events.
- Combine time and day combination and schedule.
- You can temporarily disable it easily.
- Export function allows you to send settings to friends and family
- By using the location information, you can notify you only when you are in the setting range.
- You can only be notified when you are at workplace.


- It records when and where you used it.

- It corresponds to IFTTT, it is now possible to record when and where you used it to the calendar, Evernote, etc through IFTTT.
- With the Lite version, you can use this feature by purchasing items or watching video ads.
- For more detail to see our document (