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TimeOfYourLife Pro Self Improvement App for Watch

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TimeOfYourLife Pro Self Improvement App for Watch

***Limited time 50% off sale!*** This is the TimeOfYourLife Multiple Stopwatch app for Apple Watch Pro version which has the following features over the Free edition of the app:

* Ability to edit timers via Apple Watch via Force Touch; You can even edit scores from up to previous 30 days using Force Touch as well
* Apple Watch Complication support (Please see Instructions Below to Enable)
* iPhone app does not need to be open to receive data from Watch
* Score comparison report of Current Week & Last Week vs Previous Week
* Availability in 12 different languages

Please note that ***an Apple Watch is required*** to use the app to track time spent as the iOS app is used to set up and view scores and chart history.

TimeOfYourLife is a native Apple Watch multiple stopwatch/task tracker app that helps you to be more mindful of "time-wasting" activities in order to curb them. This self improvement app also tracks your productivity with the time spent on positive ones. A cumulative score is gathered based upon the amount of time you spent on your designated "positive" activity (such as learning, reading, working out) vs "negative" ones (e.g. surfing the web, wasting time).

There are 4 stopwatches that allow you to track individual activities. You can run them concurrently set to enable one to run at a time only.

Of course you can also use it as a regular stopwatch. Since the companion Apple Watch app is a native WatchOS app you can use it even if your iPhone is not within range. Complication support is included.

***To Get the TimeOfYourLife Watch Complication Working:

For the TimeOfYourLife Complication to work on the iPhone, go to the Apple Watch settings, then pick Complications, and ensure that the TimeOfYourLife Complication is enabled there. Next, on your Apple Watch, you can modify your watch face to add the complication by scrolling via the Digital Crown. Please note that the app only supports the small size complication. For example, on the Modular watch face, it would be one of the smaller squares you can select, not the large one in the middle.
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