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Timemator is a powerful, beautiful yet easy-to-use time tracking app for any professional who wants to keep track of working hours and revenue.

* Track your time on tasks and organize them using folders. Group by projects, client, or anyways you want. It’s all up to you!
* Use colors to better fit the identity of your projects.
* Once the project is completed — archive it without losing the time nor the ability to get back to it.

* Get your recently tracked sessions on a timeline for a better overview.
* Quickly add, modify, or delete sessions with just a few taps.

Get an overview and compare your tracked time on a beautiful chart, grouped by tasks and folders, or as a detailed list of every tracked session.

Define your hourly rate on the tasks and let Timemator calculate your revenue. In the end, you can generate a ready-to-print PDF report and send it directly to your client.

Timemator works everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you are in an office or on an airplane. You will never lose a second just because there is no internet connection.

Keep all your tasks, folders, and tracked sessions synced across all your iPhones and your Macs.

Timemator keeps all your data like tracked sessions or revenue on your device and doesn’t send them anywhere (unless you activate iCloud Sync. Even so, your data will be synced securely with your iCloud account container there only you with your Apple-ID credentials have access to)

Try all the great features for 30-days for free. After the trial, you can either purchase the full license, review your recorded data, or export it.

We value your feedback, so if you have ideas or suggestions on how to make Timemator even better please join our community and send us your ideas at [email protected]
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