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Timelogger Plus

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Timelogger Plus

Timelogger Plus is a time tracking app that allows you to actively manage and monitor various tasks on your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac securely and updated across all devices with iCloud. It is ideal for freelancing, repetitive daily routines, homemaking tasks, personal projects, or any activity people want to track and control.

Timelogger Plus let you:
▪ Record time using timers;
▪ Synchronize records between devices with iCloud;
▪ Generate PDF reports from custom time ranges;
▪ Input time manually;
▪ Have multiple timers active;
▪ Use the Today Widget for easy to use;
▪ Use the Split View on the iPad for easy to use;
▪ Integrate with the Shortcuts application ;
▪ Define billing rates for your tasks;
▪ Define billing rates for your groups;
▪ Export your time entries to CSV;
▪ Create notes;
▪ Create billing notes;
▪ Use 3D Touch on the Home icon;
▪ Use Context actions for easy to use;
▪ Add Tags to your Tasks, Time Entries or Notes;
▪ Generate Manual backups;
▪ Archive Tasks, Time Entries or Notes;
▪ Analyze your data from Statistics;
▪ Choose any Color for your Tasks and Groups;
▪ Filter by Groups or Tasks on the Statistics views.
▪ Schedule notifications for running timers.

If you have a question, problem, or need help, please send a support request via e-mail.
Filipe Martins