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With TimeGap you can perform various calculations with dates and times, either out of curiosity or planning.

. Calculate the difference between two dates, indicating which measures you want to view (years, months, days, weeks, hours, minutes, seconds, workdays, weekends, weekdays and a specific day of the month in the week);
. See from a set date, and an interval in time measurements, when your next appointment will be given;
. Quickly add a time count from a given event;
. How many leap years did you have between 1900 and 2019?

Examples of calculations:

. How many days until retiring?
. How many days has my last dental appointment been?
. How many Fridays 13 have happened since December 1, 1980?
. How many leap years did they happen between 1970 and 2019?
. How many days are left for the next vacation?

Calculations are performed automatically every second.

Choose colors to organize your Time Gaps.

Watch your Time Gaps without unlocking your device by adding the Widget in today's preview.

You can also track your Time Gaps on Apple Watch.
Joao Carlos Barbosa