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Timefully • Meditation Timer

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Timefully • Meditation Timer

Timefully helps meditators build habits that last. Beautiful, simplified time-keeping and rewarding tracking. Thousands of serious meditation practitioners across the globe love Timefully.


“I use it every day and I live it. I tried almost all others and they don’t stand close.”

“This is hands-down the best app available.”

”I love this app for meditation. Flawless and beautiful UI. Sublime!”

“If you want an app that records your progress and gives you credit for every moment you are sitting this is the one to get. All the features I need are here without any of the extras that get in the way. If you are ready to meditate seriously, which just means focusing on your object of meditation diligently and consistently this is the only app you need. This checks all the boxes for those meditators.”

”I love the milestones and notifications. The achievements are a fun motivation factor.”

“A must-have! I highly recommend it to others. The perfect DIY meditation app.”


• Lightweight and simple to use. This app that focuses on making your meditation sessions peaceful and rewarding.

• Customize your timer by configuring warm-up, meditation, and cool-down intervals.

• Set meditation practice goals to stay on track with your ambitions.

• Beautifully esthetic statistics showing your weekly, monthly, and annual progress.

• It’s a timer for all kinds of Meditation such as Loving-Kindness Meditation, Body Scan, Breath Awareness Meditation, Zen Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, Enso, 20 Minutes Meditation, and Yoga.

• Full Dark Mode is available for a less intrusive meditation experience.

• Apple Watch: The meditation timer for Apple Watch is a natural extension to Timefully that makes practicing even easier. Enable heart rate tracking to get your maximum, minimum, and average heart rate for every practice session.

• Use iOS Shortcuts for a seamless meditation experience with Timefully. Automatically activate Do Not Disturb mode, adjust volume and display brightness, and start a new meditation session with a single tap or command to Siri.

• Set up multiple practice profiles for different types of exercise.

• Timefully offers a variety of bell types, gongs, and chimes.

• Set daily reminders to stay consistent with your meditation.

• Connect to Apple Health and track your progress with Mindful Minutes.

• Export session data to use in other applications.

• The timer itself will always be free to use, with the possibility to unlock access to the motivational version with all historical data and stats.


Meditation is a scientifically proven way to reduce stress and related conditions such as anxiety and depression. When meditating, the brain and nervous system undergo changes that cause the reduction and prevention of stress and anxiety. Meditation increases long-term stress resilience.


Timefully offers two auto-renewing subscription options to access all of the content within the app:

Quarterly: $1.99 per quarter

Annual: $5.99 per year

These prices are for United States users. Pricing in other countries may vary, and actual charges may be converted to your local currency.

Timefully offers a Lifetime subscription option:
You can purchase the Lifetime subscription with a one-off upfront payment of $13.99, which gives you unlimited access to Timefully forever.


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