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TimeChime is the most complete chiming app on the App Store. It can be set to play a sound on the quarter-hour, half-hour, or hour. You choose the interval that you want! No other app gives you this flexibility!

+ Set a chime to play on the hour, half-hour, or quarter-hour.
+ Have a different sound for each interval.
+ Visible alert in addition to the chime.
+ Alerts on either your iPhone or Watch.
+ Stop, start timers on your iPhone or Watch.


+ see a detailed list of upcoming alerts by time and date (Alert Editor).
+ pre-set the days of the week and hours of each day during which you want to receive alerts and chimes (Day and Time Selection).
+ additional sounds for alerts (Sound Pack).

Please see our web site (\support) for a user manual and important information on how to set up alerts.
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