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Time Tracker

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Time Tracker

A simple tool for tracking your time against projects and tasks.

• Tap On / Tap Off - Features a simple Start and Stop mechanism, to track time accurately and quickly.

• Tickets - Track your time against individual tasks within your project; Tick them off when complete, and report on time spent per ticket within a project.

• Quotas - Pre-plan your time, using quotas to specify weekly, monthly, or annual goals

• Plan Your Week - Fill in your planned time a week ahead, then review your actual times against your planned time.

• Detailed Details - Switch to the Time Sheet view to get an overview of all time spent in the week across all projects and task.

• Reporting - You can print your timesheet using AirPrint, or email it as a PDF. If you like, you can also export to a spreadsheet to write your own report.

• Universal Suport - Use Time Tracker on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. With iCloud support, you can track your time on them all!

• Data on the Cloud - Store your data on iCloud, use any of your devices to update your time
Christopher Scott