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Time Meals

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Time Meals

Time meals is an app to Apple Watch, that can help you with a healthier feeding. Assist on regular meals and promote a better food organization. In addition create a report with information about how your feeding is doing based on your meal schedule consistency and what meal did you failed most.

Schedule your meals.

- Create your meals times as you prefer or follow times advised by your nutritionist

Compliance your time

- Mark as done when you eat the schedule meal, try to do your meal on schedule time to have as regulated feeding as possible.

Remember to eat

- A regulated meal is our main goal, because of that we remember your times with notification so that you can eat ever in the right time.
- Mark as done or delay your meal for 15 or 30 minutes and we’ll remember you. All of it on notifications.


- See a report with information about how good your diet is, based on your schedule times.
- How many meals you got right and missed.
- What meal you most failed.

Time Meals was thought to help you reach a healthier feeding, healthier using organizing and scheduling your meals. Working to support the diet passed by the doctor.

But if you don’t have doctor, we’ll support you too. Time Meals offer a schedule possibility with meals and times defaults that will assist you reach this step.

With Time Meals has never been easier organize your times.

App developed at the Developer Academy Project of the Catholic University of Brasília.
Luan Cabral