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Time Keeper by Zeus

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Time Keeper by Zeus

Use Time Keeper to to track and manage the time you spent on an activity.

Application features:
- Configure an Activity to round off the start and stop time to 1,2,3,4,5,6,10,12,15,20,30 minutes. Useful for billing customers. Activity can also be configured not to round off the start and stop time.

- Configure Activity to send periodic notifications to 10,15,20 and 30 minutes interval. Activity can also be configured to not send any notifications.

- Use the built in Calendar to set up Reminders for an activity.

- Use Apple Watch to start and stop an Activity

- Use Apple Watch glance to check the progress of an Activity

- Receive notifications in your apple watch.

- Use the Dashboard view to view the Activity log.

- Edit the log by selecting the log entry.

- Swipe left on a log entry to delete it.

- Use the “+” in the Dashboard view to manually add a log entry.

- Add comments to log entry by editing the log entry.

- Activity log can be filtered by Day, Week, Month and Year.

- Swipe left to view the previous Day/Week/Month or Year logs.

-Swipe right to View the next Day/Week/Month or Year logs

- Use the Search button to filter the log entries. Just enter few letters from each category separated by “,” to filter the data.

- Use the Export view to selectively export the log data using the built in share capabilities.
Sridhar Dathathraya