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TIME HACKER is an application that manages your day-to-day action, creates time in busy everyday, and supports life improvement.

▼ Notice the wasted time
Have you not lost your day-to-day time when you notice it?
TIME HACKER can look back on everyday actions and notice the wasted time.
If you cut down the wasted time and assign it to your hobby time, reading skills, and skill up time, you will be able to live a meaningful everyday life.

▼ Record the time you want make time
After learning useless time, you need to know whether you are able to make time to skill up and study.
TIME HACKER can watch the time you want make time and will support you so that you can send meaningful days.

▼ Simple to record.
Operation should be simple, because it records all actions.
TIME HACKER can easily record your customized actions.

▼ Analysis of activities
TIME HACKER provides the following functions to analyze your actions.
- Graph the action history for each day, weekly, monthly
- Graphing by actions
- Graph of wasted time, time you want make time

▼ I want you to use this person by all means
- People who are wasting time
- People who are too busy to make time their time
- Person who wants to secure time for skill up
- People who want to send their daily lives more meaningfully


▼ Inquiries
If you have any comments or requests for icons or additional functions,
[email protected]
Please contact us.
Yayoi Yabu