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Time Efficiency

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Time Efficiency

Get all the information you need on your time allocation.

TimeEfficiency allows you to precisely measure how much time you spend on your activities.
You can create as much activities as you want.

Start and stop sessions in a simple tap.
You can also use the Widget in order to start and stop sessions without unlocking your device !

A session missed ? No worries, you can edit all the information : date, hour, duration.
Name your sessions, in order to identify them easily later.

And finally, if you want to measure your efficiency, you can use the report.
TimeEfficiency can setup a value on each of your activity and, according to the time spent, you get your efficiency.

Exporting the information will help you to reuse the data where you want. You will be able to get it in a mail (HTML) or in a your favorite spreadsheet (CSV).

¤ Start / Stop session without unlocking
¤ Minimalistic interface
¤ You can terminate the app, timing remains safe
¤ Time Efficiency is adapted to every date and currency format
¤ All the information remains on your device
¤ Edit all the information : name of the activity and session, date, hour, duration
¤ Ultra-fast download, use it in 15 seconds !

You would like to:
▪ know how much money you can charge your customer
▪ understand how things evolve over time, in the same activity
▪ measure how much time you spent on daily activities
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