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Tie The Knot Wedding Countdown

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Tie The Knot Wedding Countdown

Are you counting down the days until you tie the knot? Do you have an answer when people ask: "How many days until the wedding?" Now you can impress your friends and family and tell them exactly how many days, hours, minutes and seconds until your big day! Tie The Knot will help you keep tabs on exactly how much time you have left until your wedding day.

When your big day finally arrives, the count will switch from counting down and start counting up the days, hours, minutes, and seconds that you have been married! Impress your spouse with an accurate account of the time that you two have been hitched. Remind yourself of the amount of time that you and your spouse have shared together.

Already married? Install Tie The Knot and set your wedding date and you'll know exactly how long you've been married! Surprise your spouse with a count of the days on special anniversaries or other significant events. Keep track of the time you've been together as the years pass.

New! Keep track of other couples' wedding dates in the Anniversaries area. Get a reminder on their anniversary and know how many years it has been!

* Add both the date and time of your wedding date.
* Add bride and groom names
* Select a photo of your own to display with the countdown
* Count down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until you tie the knot.
* Count up the days, hours, minutes, and seconds since you tied the knot.
* Set a reminder to show a notification of the countdown each day on your device.
* Share via Facebook, Twitter or email.
* Keep track of weddings and anniversaries in the Anniversaries section and know when other couples got married.
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